As a competitive skier from age 8-19, Gena learned the value of a positive environment that promotes strength and capability in young women. She went on to graduate from Colorado State University with a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine. In addition, she obtained a minor in Nutrition, a minor in Human Development, and a minor in Neuro Anatomy.

While raising two active boys, she pursued recreational sports such as cycling and triathlon. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 and immediately saw an opportunity to contribute to the empowering community at Newport Strength.

Gena is motivated to coach people to engage thoroughly in their path to health, wellness, and fitness. She has particular interest and expertise in nutrition and supplementation for effective and lasting weight loss, performance, and overall health.

In addition to her degrees, Gena holds certificates in CrossFit L1, Optimum Performance Training Nutrition L1, and Optimum Performance Training Life Coaching L1. She leads small group personal training and is available for private training.